No eggs for breakfast in Italy

Marie and Christina are happy residents on a farm in Italy. They are pictured bringing tomatoes to the kitchen where I am making a cheese omelette. All three of us are very happy.

I was surprised to learn that Italians don’t eat eggs for breakfast. There was an article on Huffington Post about this. They go with a cappuccino and a pastry. My Syrian neighbour starts her day by eating this tasty khajoor (date) biscuit with tea. There are a lot of people who claim that tea is all they need in the morning. As someone who is spiritually Italian, I disagree with this. I like the energy of a good omelette. I’ll throw in spinach to make it heartier and more delicious. I make these with egg whites, so they are good for you and elongate life span by eighty five percent. I’ll add sharp cheddar from heaven and sliced tomatoes from some dreamy farm probably picked by the beautiful fingers of Marie and Christina who are pure, curvaceous creatures but speak no English, yet their eyes have spoken to me and they have said I can live with them on the farm, rent free. “But what about credit card bills and other boring nonsense?” I ask. “Just live for the moment,” says Marie as Christina gives me a neck massage to relax me further. Now the toasted bread makes sense because it lovingly supports the omelette with crunchiness. The melting cheese and fried tomatoes fall nicely on the tasty toast. Then I do something really controversial. I take out ice cold milk and mix in a spoon of coffee. Yes, I am having cold coffee with all this. I never drink it hot in the morning. I know its weird and brilliant at the same time. I do this because to me the morning represents a time of cool, soothing possibilities.

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  • ewart de visser

    breakfast is the best.

    • Author of ‘How Desis Became…


  • Izza Masud

    Lol l like how you guessed the rent free part! I am sure the omega in the eggs made you psychic

    • Author of ‘How Desis Became…

      You are right Izza! I always feel powerful after eating egg whites.